6 ways to create your web TV. As we said in the first video of the web series, it’s not a cast, it’s not a video, there are several ways, and now we’re going to address them.

The first and best known is live. When you’re broadcasting live, there on Facebook, on Instagram, it’s a kind of web TV. If you’re streaming live, using OBS or Vmix or any software, whether web or installed, it’s a kind of web TV.

If you are using a restreaming that we talk about, which is an OBS connection, for example, in a live broadcast of a radio station, of an evangelical cult, of a live class, it is a web TV. So live is kind of you having a web TV.

According to the recording, of this live or even the production of content when you have a specific video, it is also a form of web TV, which is a form of TV via streaming, exclusively over the internet, or not, as I mentioned, referring to rebroadcasting for radio and TV stations, then it is the second way.

The fourth way is web TV using IP Camera, where we retransmit images and audio from an IP camera, a Speed ​​Dome or, finally, if you want to know more, check out our videos talking about streaming to the IP camera. But, you can broadcast 24 hours an IP camera that is also a type of web TV.

There is another way, I mentioned the live here, right? But there is a way for you to do it live too, but in the form of a playlist, like OBS or Vmix. But then, unlike you stream a camera, you can just stream a playlist of videos, so you put, playlist, video one, video two, video three, video four, video five, video six, video seven. You can put 24 hours of video there and it will play one video after another. You create a playlist of videos and you are on the air 24 hours a day.

Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source streaming and recording program maintained by the OBS Project. Use!

Disadvantage, you have to have the computer on 24 hours. Your internet can’t go down, your energy, which is cheap, will be consumed, but it’s a way and the fifth way we know about web TV. Why do we know? Because we have clients here who do any kind of thing. You don’t believe it, one is more creative than the other.

And the sixth way we have web TV is a cloud system, a system that mixes several of these options, which I said earlier, but that allows you to schedule a 24-hour broadcast without needing a computer program. .You upload the videos to the cloud and program.

But I’ll talk about that in the next video, because it requires a lot of factors, tools. Its functionality is much better than having your computer on 24 hours a day and being able to make a playlist that can drop at any time.

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