Six Websites to Host Videos for Your Business

It’s no secret that adding video marketing to your inbound strategy can be beneficial. A great method to deliver educational knowledge in an interesting format and make your team members brand ambassadors is through video.

You need to have a suitable location for your video content if you’re going to devote time, money, and resources to creating it. Websites that host videos are third-party solutions that give you the ability to upload and save your content. Embedding from a video hosting provider is recommended because uploading to your own website can slow down bandwidth, server space, and site speed.

Although there are many choices, these are some of the top video hosting websites for your business.


  1. JMV Stream


JMV Stream’s video hosting system may sound new to you, but this brand is part of JMV Technology, which has 20 years of history in the audio, video streaming and also distance learning market.


JMVStream’s video hosting is in the first position for being one of the most complete in features, but also having the best security on the market. The player created by the experts at JMVStream is 100% customizable and has unique features built right into the player. Some of these features are: geolocation blocking, polls directly in the player and sweepstakes, which can also be organized directly within the player with current viewers.


JMVStream’s video hosting is still advantageous as it is completely free of external advertisements. The only advertisements displayed will be the ones you choose to insert. In this way, you will be free to sell advertising spaces in your digital content.


If you don’t want to have copyright issues, JMVStream will also be your ideal partner. There is no bureaucratization of these processes and in JMV Player you will have complete freedom to use any content you want, without demonetization processes or removal of videos from the air.


JMV Stream is certainly one of the best options on the market for all types of media producers. Whether small or large, B2B or B2C, the tools and security of this player will serve you masterfully.


  1. Wistia

The enhanced interaction and analytics features are also available on the Cambridge-based video hosting website.

Users of Wistia may develop chances for involvement such as calls-to-action and email forms (these are referred to as turnstiles on Wistia). The chapter capability of Wistia’s engagement tools is a step ahead from previous versions. Using chapters, users can highlight sections of the movie or other areas of interest to the viewer. The lengthy material may then be navigated by viewers with ease.

Along with offering viewer history, heat maps, and A/B testing, Wistia also provides comprehensive video analytics to help you make better-informed decisions.


  1. Brightcove


When it comes to using video in your marketing and sales activities, platforms like Wistia excel. When it comes to straightforward video hosting, Brightcove excels.

BrightCove focuses on video quality and streaming capabilities with stricter technical requirements for video uploads, making it the perfect choice for businesses with bigger video archives.

Brightcove offers sophisticated video editing tools within the platform that others on this list can’t match because of its many third-party connections. However, the same third-party connectors that limit its built-in functionality also restrict its reporting and analytics capabilities.


  1. SproutVideo


Another ad-free video hosting service with many of the same features as Wistia is SproutVideo.

While their entry-level price package, Seed, includes tools for lead gathering and analytics as well as chances for in-video engagement, other features are more expensive. Additionally, SproutVideo allows users to upload super HD video and has a higher upload limit (500GB) (up to 8K resolution).

By allowing users to share more instantaneous and less prepared video material with their audience, SproutVideo distinguishes itself from Wistia and Vidyard.


  1. Vimeo


Each of the aforementioned sites lacks built-in audiences, despite the fact that Brightcove provides capability for distributing your video content. The easiest way to describe them is as “on-site” video hosts.


Vimeo is a well-liked substitute for YouTube that allows users to tap into its existing, if small audience. Video professionals and makers make up a large portion of Vimeo’s viewership. Although it would be the ideal clientele for a creative firm, B2B financial services marketers might not find Vimeo’s expanded reach to be alluring.


Vimeo has stricter upload restrictions compared to the other platforms on this list, but it is still an ad-free site.


In addition, Vimeo’s audience is limited, has a lot of bureaucracy regarding copyright and tends to take videos off the air frequently and without prior notice. In addition, there are limits imposed on users in terms of traffic and simultaneous views, in addition to using clouds to store the data, bringing greater delay and less security to the videos.


Vimeo’s monthly fees also tend to have higher prices when compared to other video hosting solutions.


  1. YouTube


In terms of audience numbers, YouTube is unmatched. With almost 2 billion visitors each month, YouTube offers incredible opportunities to share your video content with audiences.

Similar to Vimeo, YouTube doesn’t have as much marketing capabilities as some of the other sites on our list, but they do have almost infinite upload capacity. To support your production efforts, YouTube Studio also provides practical editing tools and a vast library of music and sound effects that are available without a license.


YouTube is not always the best option, despite the fact that no other site can equal its potential exposure and SEO skills because of their partnership with Google. YouTube embeds nearly always include related content that might cause people to leave your content or leave your website altogether.


Additionally, YouTube is not intrinsically “free,” despite the absence of any paid programs. Recent platform upgrades guarantee that adverts will show on your video material, and artists have no control over which ads do so.


Selecting a Site for Hosting Videos

While YouTube is a great place to start and a fantastic platform for distribution, those seeking a full range of features to aid their marketing and sales efforts should look into other choices.


Several of the systems in this list provide comparable functionality with minor enhancements or advantages in one or a few specific areas. Like with any software choice, it’s critical to rank which features or functionalities are most critical to your company’s requirements.

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