Why create your own web TV? It depends a lot, like everything else in life we ​​have to analyze the strategy we are going to adopt to first know if it is worth creating your web TV or not.

So what’s the case? I already say that it’s not worth creating a web TV. If you’re a Youtuber, if you’re an Instagramer, as people say, in short, if you’re a content producer who’s just looking for an audience, it’s not an ideal project.

Why? Because you want an audience, you want views, to be able to leverage it in some financial way on the social network itself. So your goal is different.

Now, for those who need a controlled environment. A very classic example that we have here at the company are hundreds of churches that are customers, and often they arrive on YouTube with some pain.

The first pain, the player will stop anywhere. The second pain, displaying advertisements for things that have nothing to do with the church. The third, side content indication that also has no link and is often the other way around. You are preaching one thing in the church and the content there, on the side, or below, is taking the faithful, that person who is watching the broadcast, to something else.

Search for anything you want anytime, just use Google!

there is Josimar, so is it only for the church that I should have my own web TV? No, I’ll give you another example. Radio stations, TV stations, how cheap is it to produce your content? We know that producing content is expensive, time-consuming, and we value your content.

So you’re giving your money away. YouTube is monetized, Facebook is, when you give your money, when you give your content to them, they are monetized, you will earn crumbs 0.0000 cents per view.

It won’t give you any income. Don’t count on that income for your business. So if you have a radio station, a TV station, it’s not worth it either.

Why? First, your content is expensive. Second, there is an explicit interest of the population in your content, so if you have a city, a region and you advertise it, people will access your website, your portal, your own YouTube channel, your web TV to be able to watch your local content.

You are not a competitor of Globo, YouTube, on the contrary, regional people are interested in regional news. Remember this. Better you have 10,000 people on your website than 100,000 on your YouTube.

Financially I’m talking folks, it’s not marketing hope. We play around with this term a lot in marketing.

Another classic segment that you must have on your web TV, your channel is the sale of online courses. The people who sell courses, while you have a live on YouTube, selling a course and attracting people, there is a lot of suggestions that YouTube sends, and everyone clicks on that little YouTube button there, even if they have embedded , even from your competitors’ courses.

Create a channel, post your best videos and grow on the Youtube platform.

So analyze it well, when you are going to use only social networks, if it is really worth it, not having your YouTube channel there on your website, your platform.

Because you broadcast live there, you record there, you make your videos available there and you have full management and control over what you are posting on your TV. Outside LGPD, which is the general data protection law. You need to have your data hosted in Brazil.

Second, second, no, I’ve even lost count here, but the issue of copyright, radio stations, TV stations, evangelical or Catholic cults, doesn’t matter. Any familiar song that plays, even if it’s there on the bg, in the background, they’ll take down your live stream, they’ll take your video, they won’t allow you if you want to show the video.

So there are several and several factors that are to be considered when thinking about something. Is it worth having my web TV? Why have my web TV. I here now just wanted to encourage you of a few reasons and you will come to that conclusion yourself.

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