How to create your 24 hours live web tv channel, online tv channel. I know this is a very big challenge, a logistical challenge of content production, internet, for those of you who have no idea how this works, now I’m going to explain it to you.

There is a way, a tool, by chance, this tool was invented by us at JMV Technology almost 10 years ago. We develop technologies to make your streaming life easier.

We created a tool that allows you to upload videos, so you can produce your content there. And speaking of content, we have a new tool that automatically produces news content, so that you can insert live TV on your web 24 hours, cool as hell, it’s another resource that we’ve just created nowhere in the world has this feature that we created.

Consult our team, it is an exclusive tool to help you in one of the biggest pains of creating a 24-hour live web TV, which is the production of content.

So it’s hard to produce content, we know. There are some ways, you can record the live, it’s a content production, doing it externally that we talk to the cell phone, it’s a content production, producing in the studio, as I’m producing now, it’s a form of content production.

But anyway, you will produce this content or use our free news tool for content. You will upload, what we say is upload, you can send via FTP, you can send via Panel, you can send via smartphone.

If you have it on the street, from anywhere, you upload it and within the system, after the upload, it goes through a conversion to the web version, and there in the system there is a playlist, 2 formats, a loop format that you put one video below the other and then it runs and then it goes back infinitely, and a version looking like that old version of Sky that shows the programs on your cable TV and there is a time for each one, just like that.

We have a 24-hour live web TV system, also exclusive to us, which allows you to upload videos and schedule the time for the video. You put, video one, now I’m going to put a commercial, video two, now I’m going to put an interview, video three.

It’s a fantastic deal to do. So if you want a professional 24/7 live web TV, this is the best web TV management panel in the world today, which was created by our designer and put into production by our technology team.

So, you produce the content, manage the playlist and, from there, you play it for your user. In the final player it appears that you are live 24 hours a day, but in reality it is a video that the system creates, a virtual TV, but the user does not know about it, unless you put a rerun, something like that.

Look how interesting, you are live from pre-recorded videos. However, you can connect for real live at any time. So when you connect live, whether using your smartphone or from a studio, it pauses the playlist and brings that live stream to the player and you don’t have to F5 the player or update, any of that, for the end user it is completely transparent.

The player starts to run the live stream, it works beautifully 24 hours a day, without failures, without drops, when it disconnects from the live stream, it goes back to playing the playlist, where it left off.

So, there are several ways you can organize the video to be just right, the input time with the output time. If you don’t want the video to stop at exactly the second, then a 10 minute video was running at 5 minutes and 5 seconds when I went live. When you disconnect from live, it comes back at 5 minutes and 6 seconds.

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It is a very well done system, precisely so that the end user does not notice in any way that you are live. Of course, I’m talking about a paid tool, a platform that had a very high development cost for JMV Technology, but it’s a cheap cost. It’s a monthly fee that you pay cheap, below we should leave the link for you to consult.

So, you have a playlist, you stream it for real, and you can even rebroadcast it to social media. People always say that you should use social media wisely. No playing your content 24 hours, you’re not a youtuber.

When you have a web TV, on your channel there on your website, it is because you need to bring audience to your website, in a controlled management environment, whether for billing, or for the user experience, or for the sale of courses. , anyway, the reason you have is in mind.

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So you can connect YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, as many as you want. We have already connected 75 social media profiles at the same time, almost 1,000,000 people reached in a small town. Only you search our site for successful cases that you will find.

So, again, upload video, program, go live whenever you want, rebroadcast it to social networks, whenever you want and from there you will engage your audience, monetize your audience and promote your web TV live 24 hours a day. But because this video doesn’t get too big, I’m making a series of videos to definitely clarify about web TV. I will continue to talk about this in our next video.

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