So guys, leads are usually all those contacts that your users leave on your site when browsing. It can be through form submission or even any other type of contact means that you capture this information on your websites.

Generally, you can offer an e-book, educational material, some kind of valuable object to exchange for this person’s data.

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Or else, the person already knows the area of ​​expertise, has already become interested in the service and just wants to talk to the specialist, clear up some doubts, so they leave a contact waiting for this exchange of contact, that is, then they are e-mails, telephone numbers and even the names.

These people who somehow became interested in your service or product. So, this is super important data for you to work with in the future and maybe, you know, the goal is to make that person become a customer and consume your product or service.

This will give you several ways to approach contact with that person. You can surprise her on social networks, on your Telegram, on your WhatsApp, by email, any type of contact email to educate them or even keep her in your contact base.

It may happen that the user leaves his contact unintentionally or even without paying attention or, in a third scenario, the person leaves his contact, has doubts, but when his sales team gets in touch, he is no longer interested in the service or at the moment it is not viable for her.

So these are what we call disqualified leads. The qualified ones are those people who are really interested in your service, in the area of ​​expertise and just want to clear up a doubt with specialists, just like I said, or else, even she was interested in your e-book, your educational material and she wants in.

This is the area of ​​activity that is to understand a little more. And then, on the last topic, one of the things that you can do to qualify these disqualified people who usually come from the top of the funnel, you can create an educational trail through e-books or tutorials.

In order to introduce this person to the area and so, after he has already obtained an education, come to hire with you, because you made this exchange with him fair.

Well, guys, that’s it, I hope I made it a little clearer for you what leads are and I hope you see it in a next video. A hug.


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