Live on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook at the same time? YEA!

With the Live Social tool you’ll be able to broadcast live, or recorded, on several social networks at the same time. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter. Reach an unlimited audience from a single broadcast source, without the need for expensive and complicated equipment.

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New technology

Live Social has changed and for the better! Now your simultaneous live has more modern, safer and faster technologies. See each of the newly implemented new features:


NVIDIA Technology

Lives in high quality on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch at the same time, with high definition images, using the latest generation Nvidia graphics cards. Ensuring good performance in your live broadcasts, without crashes or crashes.


High Capacity Servers

With Live Social you will have at your disposal servers of international quality used by large companies in the technology sector to carry out their simultaneous lives. We use Ascenty's servers and that's why we have direct links with large domains like Google, Facebook and Instagram.

 Choose a plan.


With Live Social you can stream your content live, or recorded, to all social networks at the same time. After choosing a plan compatible with your needs, you will receive an email with all the data to access the platform and perform your first live for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (and more) at the same time.


 Choose your content.


To broadcast your recorded content to all social networks, upload the videos to the platform and schedule your broadcast. If you want to perform a live, configure the equipment and the system according to the data received, don’t forget to perform a test in advance to ensure everything is right.


 Log in to your social networks.


On our platform, access the Live Social area. Log in to the social networks you want to broadcast, you can live on Instagram, Facebook, (profiles, pages and groups), Youtube, Twitter and Twitch TV. After logging in to social networks, activate your broadcast and then live social. Ready! You will already be doing a simultaneous live on all social networks.

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Interact with your viewers.


Increase the engagement of your content using our interaction tools built into the player, on your website. Respond to chat comments, create polls and conduct sweepstakes transparently and without your viewers having to leave the player to interact.

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Manage your ads.


If you want to monetize your live, you can add ads to your broadcasts with full control and autonomy. Limit the time, determine the values ​​and choose the segments that most relate to your content.


Present your statistics.


After performing your live to all social networks, you will have complete reports about the audience of your broadcast and your ads. Measure the location, time and devices that users access your content. Use this data to gain new advertisers and further increase your ad revenue.



Simultaneous broadcast of your live, or recorded content, to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch TV from a single source. Stream to more than 30 profiles simultaneously. Try the platform for 7 days, in case of dissatisfaction, we guarantee the refund of the amount paid.



MonthlyUS$ 24.90

  • 1 RTMP.
  • Relay to up to 3 social networks simultaneously.
  • Instagram landscape format.
  • Up to 5 Mbps.
  • Premium support, WhatsApp and Telegram, (no robots!).
  • Payment via Paypal.
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MonthlyUS$ 49.90

  • 1 RTMP.
  • Relay to up to 6 social networks simultaneously.
  • Instagram landscape format.
  • Up to 10 Mbps.
  • Premium support, WhatsApp and Telegram, (no robots!).
  • Payment via Paypal.
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Transcoder (Adaptive Dynamic Streaming).

This is, without a doubt, the best way to deliver your multi-streaming (simultaneous live) to the end user. You send the broadcast in high quality and the system automatically re-encodes the simulcast to the lower qualities. The system automatically provides the best quality according to the viewer's internet. He can also choose the quality in the player manually if he wants.

Complete Statistics For Your Multi Streaming.

Complete statistics about your live audience on all social networks, with access data by device, operating system, browser, region, interactive map and real-time graphics.

Security And Encryption.

We protect all the contents of your multi streaming avoiding recording and downloading. Our simulcast service has encryption and protection of the viewing location, in addition to several other tools that ensure the security of your content against multistream piracy.

Web Service For Integration.

Automation and integration of your sites with our multi stream system through an API that we developed for our customers, allowing developers to control functions such as play/pause, minutes watched, etc.








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