How to produce gold for your web TV? How to create content for web TV? why gold? Because content is gold, the better your content, the more engagement, the more audience and the faster you will reach your goal. Whether it’s monetizing, whether it’s audience, whether users’ attention, or engagement.

Gold, when we talk, it’s because it’s getting more and more expensive to produce content. However, it is getting better and better to produce content because there are tools today that automate a lot of things.

The first tool that I’m going to talk about, I’m going to throw in the towel, obviously, is a JMV Content tool, we’re launching this tool in April 2022, a tool that produces video content from news from major portals and makes it available for you to use on your web TV.

So there’s a field there on web TV, which you just drag. I want sports news, I want news about it and automatically the system will show it in your broadcast, populating your database giving the best experience for your user and helping you in what is more complicated, which is producing content.

Second thing: how can you produce content? Smartphone, it produces content on a daily basis, you can do the external ones, depending on your web TV, if it’s at church, if it’s time to take a course, if it’s on your radio station. With a smartphone today with excellent camera qualities, you can produce content like crazy.

You can use something more professional, some ready-made templates. For example, envato is a site that we use a lot to be able to download videos or video templates to edit and produce content. Video Producer in Inshot, Canva, Powtoon.

There are a multitude of tools that allow you to create videos, ready-to-video templates, turn PDF into video, create a little animation for a song that is being played. So there are dozens of tools, I’m not going to talk about them one by one, because otherwise this video will be 10 hours long.

Some important tips. Always research the marketing aspect when you produce content. It’s no use for me to start talking here, because I’m not teaching a class, I’m explaining, for example. I’m going to transform this here in 2 hours, so it can be a boring video, a boring video, it doesn’t hold the attention of users.

When you produce content, whether using any of these tools, research the marketing aspect. How to produce content in 2022 in 2021? What are the requirements for good content?

First the little call, I don’t know if you noticed the little callouts of this video series I’m talking about, I’m asking you a question that I’ll explain to you, which I’ll answer during the rest of the video

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So, the most important thing in the video that you are going to produce are the first few seconds, so that the person understands what you are going to talk about, this holds more attention. Mental triggers to use if you’re going to sell, sales triggers, scarcity triggers, interaction. QR Code, a web TV that allows you to use a QR Code with the person, to be able to use a second screen, a third screen, publication on Smart TV.

The content you produce has to be in a format that allows you to watch it on a cell phone, a tablet, a larger smartphone, a desktop or even a Smart TV. So keep in mind the cross-platform, keep in mind the engagement aspect, keep in mind what your goal is.

We must define a content strategy. I cannot produce content just for the sake of producing it, I invest, create a studio, place a softbox, camera or cell phone, DSLR or cell phone, without having a defined strategy.

What am I going to produce this content for? What is my purpose as the owner of my own web TV? Is my intention to engage the faithful of my church? So your content has to be focused on that. It’s no use putting things that don’t have much to do with it.

My purpose is to sell online courses, my purpose is to engage users so I can monetize, because I have a radio station, a TV station. My intention is that I have a news portal, I will transform these news into web TV to provide video, provide podcast and provide text news. Because we know that there are people who prefer this video, people who prefer to read text, people who prefer to listen to audio.

If you can turn that specific story into a blog article, you’ll also get a little more audience.

Imagine the multiplatform scenario, you have four, five different possibilities to position yourself on the internet, in a way that the public via organic search finds your content. Not only with the dissemination of web TV through web TV, because at the beginning of your web TV, you will need dissemination strategies.

We will go into these strategies in the next videos so you can leverage your web TV audience. But keep in mind, when producing the content. First thing is to evaluate the marketing, engagement aspects of your content. Don’t just focus on tools, so that’s it and until the next video.

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