How to live on Facebook, YouTube and even Instagram using your IP Camera? Yes, this is possible and it is possible for you to stream IP camera live to all these networks at the same time. But calm down, I’ll explain that they are different things, one step at a time. Come on!

First thing, what is an IP Camera? The IP Camera is today a system that I consider the most modern that we have to guarantee the security of our homes, buildings, parks, companies. It is independent, you can put that a 3G chip so that if the Wi-Fi of the place fails, it keeps backing up in the cloud and it can transmit it in real time to somewhere. In order for it to transmit, it has to have some transmission output protocol.

So it has to be an IP Camera essentially that has an output that we call the RTSP protocol. This is the output protocol that the IP Camera must have.

But there are other types of output, other technologies. I know there are, I’m telling us to be able to make a nice transmission, with quality, with a protocol widely used in the world and that will bring security.

It’s no use doing a gambiarra to broadcast live IP camera and making a lot of bullshit and putting it on OBS, on Vmix, I don’t know where, and the computer turns on, power goes out, the internet. No people, please, let’s make a deal within the standard. Lately, I’ve been making some videos, I’m playing a lot, we have to play the game the right way. It’s no use picking up the ball and playing soccer with your hand, it doesn’t work. So, no workaround, you need to have the RTSP protocol.

With the Live Social tool you’ll be able to broadcast live

The protocols that we have today to be able to capture and transmit IP camera live on all social networks, and above all, compatible with all devices, Android, iOS, computer and Smart TV. So, the codec that we used today is: H 264. It is the global standard, the world standard for video codec and the audio codec we have MP3, which also works today in all of them. But AAC, which offers twice the quality for the same bit rate. So you need these 2 formats. H 264, AAC or MP3 and the RTSP output protocol on your IP Camera to be able to do this without a hack.

There’s a way to do it with a gambiarra. But I don’t work with hacks, so I won’t talk about it. OK, starting from that, there is Josimar, but my IP Camera, I have an IP Camera that I cost a thousand reais, which I bought in China, which is Speed ​​Dome. She has a controller, looking like an Atari throttle. If you don’t know what Atari is, you’re much younger than I am. So I can move there, like, the police eye, it’s super cool!

Wow, I want to use it and it doesn’t have these protocols you’re talking about. Well, there’s a way for a system to identify this, if it has the RTSP output, but then we’ll transcode. Imagine you taking an MKV video and transforming it into MP4 on your computer, rendering it, or today you have an application, right? Then you export in various formats. So so that I can stream live IP camera to all devices. I essentially need it to be in that format I said, H 264, AAC, MP3. If the origin is different from this, here halfway through I need to transcode this. So I’m going to receive an mkv, an MJPEG, a series of other protocols that they have, I’m going to transcode this to leave H 264 and AAC at the end of here, understand?

So this has a higher cost, that’s why I say it when people say it there, I’ll put it in the park, I’ll put it in the mountains to have an audience, I’ll put it in my city. So, you have to understand the technology before you go out and buy anything without knowing how it’s going to work. Because otherwise you buy a very good camera, but it will cost you a lot later, because it costs more to make a transcoder.

So, that’s it, RTSP Camera, H 264 video protocol, AAC protocol for audio or no audio, no audio also works, see people. We can broadcast without audio, we have a system that puts an audio there, so YouTube and Facebook don’t take down your broadcast. Little boy, you didn’t know that.

Based on that, we have a platform that you can configure and broadcast live IP cameras. There will be the RTSP protocol, our support team works from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to midnight, Sundays and holidays from 2 pm to 10 pm. Click to speak with one of our specialists. We are the only platform in the world that has these extended hours, WhatsApp, Telegram, phone, chat, whatever you want.

We’re there to help you, so they’ll help you set it up, remembering that it’s a paid platform, see people! I’m not talking about a free service here before, sorry if I frustrated you, but it’s a paid platform.

This has a cost for us. So we’ll catch you, train you, help you. Our system goes there on your IP Camera. Pull your live stream and then, within our platform, you can stream IP camera live and relay it to the site and place a player on the site. And look how cool! If you, for example, have, I don’t know, you live in Central Park, New York, and you want to broadcast Central Park live. Maybe if you put a website there: Central Park I’m not going to speak English, it has nothing to do here.

The Platform that grows more in the world

But, you’re going to have a lot of audience, you’re going to have a lot of people visiting. You can even explore ADS, put a Google Adsense in our player, to be able to monetize for you within the video. Look how cool, how to generate money. But that’s a subject for other videos.

Let’s go back, so you can put the player on your website. You can put it inside a configuration of a tool that we call Live Social and relay it to all the networks I mentioned at the beginning of the video simultaneously.

So you can have a website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and not just one profile, multiple profiles. We have already broadcast to more than 70 profiles connected simultaneously. It’s crazy business, you know? It’s a limitless audience. So you can stream to all networks at the same time. So, this is how you will be able to make a live with your IP Camera for all social networks and website.

In other words, this is the real multiplatform, without a gambiarra, without being an IP Camera, pull it, boot it on OBS, turn it on. Anyway, I already told you how to do it in the gambiarra.

But it’s not ideal, because if you mainly want to make money from it, you’re going to provide service to a client, we have many school clients, for example, school, school monitoring, beach monitoring, mountain monitoring, monitoring of tourist environments. So it’s something you need to have a stable platform that will broadcast IP camera live on social media. For that, count on us, count on JMV Technology, visit our channels, our websites and hire the plan that best suits your reality

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