What is the best internet to do live? What is the best internet for your live broadcast? I made a video like this 7 years ago answering this question. This video is a little out of date as to the speeds I mentioned, in that video 500 KBPS, 2 Mbps. Thank God, our internet in Brazil has improved a lot over these 7 years.

The scenario I explained 7 years ago was a scenario dominated by the DSL market and the radio internet and today the market is dominated by the fiber optic internet.

What hasn’t changed is the type of internet you should use to make your live broadcast, why? We haven’t reached the age of 5G yet. We don’t know in fact, we know in theory, in tests, in the laboratory, in experiments, in countries that served as a test model. But we do not know in practice, in the structure of Brazil, how 5G will behave.

So, when he is here and we carry out the necessary tests, we will talk about, until then, in a scenario of April 2022, the best internet to do live, for you to broadcast live, is the internet via fiber. However, internet via fiber to the full extent of your internet connection.

But how so? For example, your internet, comes via fiber optic from your provider, comes to your house, from your house to your computer. If you have a cable of 2 meters, 3 meters and this cable is made of fiber, this is the scenario, chayote, the best you have. But we know that the great reality is not this, the great reality is that most people use the Wi-Fi of that router, it arrives by fiber even in the router and from the router. You use WiFi.

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Don’t do that, when you’re going to do a live, a live broadcast, whether it’s a class, whether it’s for your church, whether it’s a sport, whether it’s E-sports, isn’t it, the games. So, the best internet to do live in this scenario, use cable internet, it is much more stable, so if you don’t have a fiber optic cable to connect from your router to your computer, no problem, connect the cable network, you use the common network cable, the blue one. But use cable to make this connection, ok?

There is also a scenario, which is the scenario of the internet to radio, which in Brazil, today, still. So to Josimar, if I’m going to use the internet, the radio, what will happen? The delay of your transmission will increase substantially. What is delay? It is the delay between origin and destination. So, if you are going to do a live using your smartphone, for example, 3G, 4G, the delay will increase the instability, if the network oscillates your internet, your transmission, your live, it will not be cool.

So there are all these issues that are important for you to analyze, configure the best internet to do live and do tests before effectively putting your live on air. Because live is the following, it’s the same event. You’ve seen that joke, maybe do it live and such, well, an event cannot fail. So, you have to test what you are doing first, so that you can have a live, do a live and that your live is successful and acquires customers, leads or audience, whatever the objective you have in this live broadcast.

So, answering: the best internet to do live, is the internet via fiber and you should use it, do a quick quality test, go there in the speed test, so you can do the upload test of your internet.

Today, 40, 50 MB of upload is enough and the bitrate is around 2 to 3 MB too, it’s a transmission with nice quality, it gives a nice image and you’ll get stability with your wired internet. Fine? So that’s it, a big hug and I hope it helped. if you are in need of a platform to carry out live broadcasts, click here to speak with one of our experts!

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