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The world’s fastest growing online video hosting platform to host, manage and share videos, with unlimited views, unlimited weekly uploads, premium support (no robots), WhatsApp, Telegram and Chat. There are more than 500 million views per month.

Host your videos online without worrying about space.


After contracting the online video hosting plan, you will receive an email with all the data to access the video hosting platform unlimited. Your environment will be ready and you will be able to send the content of your school, business or project. During the upload, the conversion and insertion of features in your player will be carried out.

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Organize into folders and customize your online video hosting player.


To help control your content, organize your videos into folders and subfolders. Customize the player, use the colors of your brand, select the dimensions, choose a cover and activate features such as lead capture or ads.

Customization change color video hosting

Distribute your content with high quality.


After hosting videos, organize them into folders and customize the player. The next step is distribution. Our player is cross-platform compatible, you can make the content available on your website, social networks and also on mobile devices. With SD quality, HD, Full HD, 4K up to 360º.

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No ads you don’t want.


Have full control of the insertion of banner or video ads. Set the time, choose the values and determine the segments that best fit your business.

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Know your audience and grow your results.


Measure the time location and the devices that users access your content. Use this data to optimize your content, attract new advertisers and increase your ad income.

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Change videos, don’t change links.


With our video hosting platform you have the ability to edit without changing links. With this feature, you can edit videos while keeping the link. This saves you from wasting time updating links where your videos are or links sent to customers and partners.

Change videos without changing links using a good video hosting platform
Orange scroll change your videos don't change the links

Total privacy.


Not all content is public. By activating limited login access, your content can only be accessed with a username and password generated by the administrator of the online video hosting platform. Thus, it will be guaranteed that only authorized users will have access to the content.

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We import your videos.


Do you already use another platform to host your videos? JMV video hosting is complete and makes it easy to import content from other platforms. We have a trained team focused on assisting our clients in this transition. We can easily import content hosted on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Wistia, Twitch, JW player, Facebook and more!

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We love what we do, 7 days a week!


We have the largest and best support in Brazil. Which works every day, including sundays and holidays (no robots) to ensure total quality and availability of your platform. Monday to saturday from 08AM to 00AM, sundays and holidays from 02PM to 10PM.

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Integration via API.

The JMVStream platform provides API integration. Get access to video hosting services faster and easier.


Host, manage and share your videos, SD, HD, Full HD, 4K, 360º with security, high performance and premium support (no robots) 7 days a week, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Try the platform for 7 days, in case of dissatisfaction we guarantee a refund of the amount paid.

Can I cancel any time?

Yep, you can cancel whenever you want from your account settings.


250 GB

Monthly paymentUS$ 14.99

  • Unlimited vídeos, views and bandwidth.
  • 250 GB disk space.
  • No videos upload limits.
  • Videos in HDR with Nvidia.
  • Statistics.
  • Customizable HTML5 Player.
  • No ads before, after, or on your video
  • Premium support, WhatsApp and Telegram, (no robots!).
  • Secure payment by Paypal.
Buy 250GB Plan Now!

2 TB

Monthly paymentUS$ 35.99

  • Unlimited vídeos, views and bandwidth.
  • 2 TB disk space.
  • No videos upload limits.
  • HDR videos with Nvidia.
  • Statistics.
  • Customizable HTML5 Player.
  • Premium support, WhatsApp and Telegram, (no robots!).
  • No ads before, after, or on your video
  • Secure payment by Paypal.
Buy 2TB Plan Now!

For plans above 2 TB.


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✔ Player customization

Customize your player according to your brand's visual identity. Set the colors, enter your watermark and enable social sharing.

✔ Interactive stats panel

Measure the audience of your video hosting in real time, with access data by device, operating system, browser and region in real time.

✔ Lead capture

Capture the email and/or WhatsApp of users who reach the content of your video hosting, create broadcast lists and make a later contact.

✔ Playlist to gain audience

Create and manage autoplay video playlists. When finishing a video, the viewer will automatically be directed to other videos with related content.

✔ Geolocation

Block or allow access to the countries and states you want in just a few clicks. When hosting your videos, choose which places your content will appear via location.

✔ Picture-in-picture feature

Host your videos and let viewers watch your content as they browse your site by reducing the player size.

✔ Cross-platform

Our video hosting platform is compatible with PCs, social networks, mobile devices and Smart TVs.

✔ Unlimited uploads and views

Video hosting with unlimited uploads and unlimited views.

✔ Extended hours support

Chat, ticket, phone and remote assistance. From Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 0:00 am, Sundays and holidays from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

✔ Nvidia quality video processing

Host your videos with the most advanced processors in the world, ensuring good performance when processing and converting your content, with high definition images.

✔ Security token

The security token of our video hosting platform prevents the placement of your videos on third-party websites and platforms that do not have your authorization.

✔ 360º video

With the 360º video feature it is possible to rotate the view in the videos. Content can be viewed from different angles.

✔ Monetization with video ads

Monetize your content with video ads. You will have full control of the insertion, Define the target audience, set the time, values, start position and number of views.

✔ Monetization with banner ads

Monetize your content with video ads. You will have full control of the insertion, Define the target audience, set the time, values, start position and number of views.

✔ Simultaneous logins

Create new users and allow simultaneous logins so that your team can manage the contents of your video hosting platform more easily.

✔ Organization in folders and subfolders

Organize your videos content into folders and subfolders. Rename your videos and enter descriptions right from the video hosting platform.

✔ Insertion of cover

Upload and add custom skins to your videos.

✔ Unlimited link embedding

Share and embed as many videos as you want, on your website, blog and social networks.

✔ Change videos, don't change links

Update your content without having to change the link where your videos are located.

✔ Video migration

Do you use another video hosting platform? Don't worry! We perform the migration of all your content to our platform.

✔ Online conversion

Upload your videos to video hosting platform in any format, it will automatically convert to correct format and bitrate.

✔ Integration with Google Analytics

Integrate your video hosting statistics with Google Analytics. Have important data for monitoring your viewers' access.

✔ Private video

Host your videos and activate the private videos tool. Allow only users with admin-generated login and password to access content.

✔ Apple TV and Chromecast compatibility

Video hosting with Chromecast and Apple TV support. In a few clicks, your viewer can follow the entire broadcast content on TV.

✔ Stream without worrying about copyright fallout

Our video hosting player is protected from copyright restrictions. host your videos without worrying about unwanted interruptions.

✔ Transcoder (automatic adaptation)

The video hosting system automatically provides the best video quality according to the viewer's internet.

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Video hosting with Nvidia processors.

Platform to host videos with Nvidia technology, the most advanced processor cards in the word and compatibility with the most modern video formats, including h.264 and h.265 and AV1. Guaranteed videos with high definition images, good processing and conversion performance.

Smart audience gain playlist.

With the JMV Player's Smart Playlist feature, you can host your videos and select the ones you want to play in sequence. That means when a video finishes, another one will be started. Its simple and easy! You only have to creat a category and add videos by your wishes. With this feature, you can grow your audience by keeping the delivery of content.

Web service for integration.

Automation and integration of your sites with our video hosting system through a Rest API that we develop for our customers, allowing their developers to control functions such as play / pause, watched minutes, etc.

Online Conversion Tool.

Our video hosting system makes it possible to upload videos to the control panel or ftp, in any format. Just upload it and the file will be automatically converted to the correct format and bitrate. After conversion, the video can be sent to the application with just one click.

Security and encryption.

We protect all the contents of your streaming On Demand, avoiding recording and downloading. Our video hosting platform has encryption and protection of the exhibition site in addition to several other tools that guarantee the security of your content against piracy of streaming vod.







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Video hosting FAQs

What is Online Video Hosting?

When we say that you are going to host a website, it means uploading all the files on this website in a secure environment, which will provide that content to all users.In the same way, is video hosting, the possibility for you to upload your video in an online environment, from cloud to videos, prepared for this purpose, with stability, security and a CDN network of content destruction, always bringing an excellent performance.

After uploading the video, the process consists of coding it in the cloud, eliminating the need for expensive equipment for this purpose.

Is it worth hosting videos on your own or through a cPanel?

Definitely not, hosting videos directly on your website hosting can give you a lot of headaches for a few reasons:

1 – Many of these hostings prohibit hosting video media in their policies.
2 – Website hosting has traffic limits, which, when media files are output, are quickly consumed.
3 – Develop or pay to develop tools to create adaptive videos, distributed delivery via cdn, integration APIs, will be very expensive.
4 – Video hosting prices are very cheap, just do the calculation and you will discover that it is not worth it.

Will ads appear in my videos?

Not. We provide the complete JMVPlayer for mobile-friendly video hosting without any embedded or unwanted advertisements in your streams. If you wish, you can insert your ads yourself (ADS) using our Ads tool, you will have full control of insertion, airtime, content and amounts that you will charge your advertisers.

How to make money with video hosting?

There are countless possibilities on how to make money from hosting videos, not just on YouTube or Facebook. It all depends on good content. With the large amount of very low quality content available on the internet associated with the exponential growth of sectors such as Distance Learning (EaD) and Digital Marketing, the demand for quality content from reliable sources has also grown.

There are countless people looking for safe content and willing to pay for this type of content. Whether live or recorded broadcasts for a specific targeting platform or channel like NETFLIX. Talk to our team of experts through the contacts below, we can help you!

Where to host private videos?

Hosting videos on private platforms can be done by various means, the best known free ones are Google Drive, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress plugins and others.

The platforms to host private videos, however, depend a lot on your need, the amount of GB or TB hosted, the visitor traffic on your site, the type of analytics you need, and the type of customer support you need.


Our platform has unlimited traffic, fixed values ​​in reais, support in Portuguese, protection against downloads and piracy, and several other features that make it the best private platform to host your videos.

How to host videos online?

There are several ways to host videos online, for free using social networks for example, or on private platforms, but essentially the process is the same whether on free platforms or paid platforms.

You need to have a video preferably in good quality, h.264 video codec, mac audio codec, at least 1mbps bitrate, and mp4 format,
From this video, you will have access to an upload screen, where you will click select all the videos you want, and the system will upload and transcode them in various qualities.

Making your videos available for all devices and types of internet, bringing a great experience to your users.

Video Hosting on WordPress?

Concerned about offering ease to our customers, that’s why our video hosting service has an exclusive wordpress plugin, to which you will manage all your videos uploaded to our system, in addition to allowing cover editing, uploading , insertion into gallery, pages and posts, and automatic creation of ShortCodes.

How long does it take to activate video hosting?

Our video hosting services are activated immediately after payment by credit card, choose a plan above, click subscribe, fill in the details, and in a few minutes we will send you an email with a usage tutorial and all your access data. video platform.

Is it possible to integrate JMVStream video hosting with Google Analytics?

Statistics from your video hosting platform can also be integrated into Google Analytics. It is a very important method for monitoring the access of your spectators. In addition, we provide the most accurate statistics and reports on our hosting dashboard as it comes straight from the CDN and not just the Player.

Host Videos for Free (Free Video Hosting): Where to do it?

For free video hosting, the most used platform in the world first and foremost is YouTube, which dominates the market.

Still as a google service, many people use Google Drive to host their videos and adapt a player to then serve this video, like any adaptation, this is not recommended, but it is an option.

Then we have other free video platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Twitch TV is a platform focused on games and gamers, where you can live stream games with low latency, in addition to storing videos.

And the Chinese also arrived in this world, with their free video hosting platforms, TikTok and Kwai have similar focuses, but they intend to displace Instagram, with small videos of less than 1 minute, but since March 2022, they have been allowed to upload large videos. .

Depending on your need, it might be a good idea to start with them, but remember, when it comes to privacy or monetization, nothing compares to paid platforms, which are private and provide more advantageous resources for companies, whether it’s classes, churches , communication etc

We love what we do 7 days a week!

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