What is a web TV? Look it up in the dictionary, you won’t find it. Perhaps you will find a denomination on Wikipedia talking about TV via streaming. Still, it is a very generic term, there is no fixed name, what is a web TV?

Web TV is content transmitted over the internet, unlike some articles you see around, putting it as if it were just for a video, VOD or a series of VOD videos. Web TV is a very broad concept.

Can it be 1 VOD video? He can! Could it be a series of videos? A playlist? It can, like Netflix, Amazon, is a type of web TV from the web, but can it also be a live that is done exclusively over the internet, like Facebook, Instagram? He can.

It can also be a live from which it originates from a physical transmission, from a radio or TV station, Rede Globo, radio station. Yes, it is also a type of web TV.

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It could be a cloud that simulates a 24-hour transmission. Yes, it can be a webinar streamed from a person, the online podcast that is booming the podcast isn’t it? Yes, it’s a kind of web TV, so look how vast this subject is.

I won’t stay here citing each of the ways it has, we are starting a series of videos to be able to definitively clarify what a Web TV is, how it works, how to monetize it

I invite you to follow the next videos, if you are entering this market, we will clarify everything you need to know to create your web TV, monetize your web TV, engage your audience and really how it works.

This content will be relevant to any person, company and segment that is in the market wanting to have their own web TV, seeing there financial possibilities, audience possibilities, in addition to the social network that there are strategies to adopt when you are at the top of the funnel. When you’re a youtuber, aren’t you? Whether Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is the strategy we are going to adopt to reach your goal. So, how to create a web TV? How to assemble a web TV? and how to monetize a web TV? we will approach all these contents within the same concept of: what is a web TV? How to make a web TV?

By the end of this series of videos, you will clearly understand everything you need to make an assertive decision and, above all, achieve that goal you want with your web TV.

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