How not to lose money with your online course? How to protect online courses from downloads and piracy?

We are in 2022, we live in an era of courses and more courses, even an over information. Many of these courses are sold for different prices, sometimes denser content, sometimes less dense.

But what matters is that you studied, you created a course agenda, you recorded your course, you re-recorded it, because the audio was bad, the image was not good, the neighbor said it was not good, your mother did not like it.

But joking aside, it takes a lot of work to create the course, it takes a lot of work to use your intellect to be able to help people, this is the kind of thing that is priceless, the value you have added throughout your life.

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video hosting online courses

Your knowledge that you are passing on, helping people who are entering the market, helping other entrepreneurs, helping doctors, helping people who do nails, there are courses on everything, helping astronauts, there are courses on everything nowadays. So what counts is the value of it. You have to protect online courses from downloads and piracy.

What happens when you take your course, place it, hosted on an affiliate platform to be able to sell, win affiliates your infoproduct, your online course, your dream of achieving a better life.

You’ve invested a year, sometimes 6 months, a year to do this and when you put an affiliate platform, something that has no security, has no end-to-end encryption. There is no way to protect online courses from downloads and piracy. You can go there and have a banner that size, be safe!

There is no browser plugin, go there, download your entire life, download your entire course and play in a torrent of life, play in Mercado Livre for free, play on websites.

There are several sites that you search that have courses where they are sold, excellent courses by the way, which are sold for two thousand reais, three thousand reais, four thousand reais, you can find them for twenty reais, thirty reais on this site.

Am I condoning piracy? On the contrary, I raised this anti-piracy flag 8 years ago, when infoproducts exploded in Brazil, infoproducers events in Brazil. I raised this flag, from then on, I created an extremely safe distance education platform. I’m not here to advertise it specifically, but it’s called Nochalks if you like, Where it really protects your content.

Affiliate platform is one thing to help you sell. EaD platform to host your video with full student management features, which will protect online courses against downloads and piracy, with encryption security, is another thing. The 2 can and should work together, but one thing does not replace the other.

You need an encrypted environment that will help you not to let your money slip through your fingers, your content, your intellectual go away and end up in the hands of pirates, it’s very simple!

If you don’t want to lose money, worry about marketing, worry about selling, worry about the affiliate, worry about producing the best content possible for the user, worry about protecting online courses from downloads and piracy, that you will conquer more users. But it doesn’t solve if you don’t make money, if you could have potential, you have the potential to sell 1,000 courses, 10,000 courses and you sell only 500, because the rest is on the pirate market.

Someone is making money from your content. This happens more and more. The more the internet popularizes, the more people are entering the market, there are more people wanting to pirate and wanting to make easy money, at the expense of people who are sweating, are creating valuable content, are helping people in the market, but they are not being paid the way they should, because their courses are being hacked on a massive scale.

Fine? So that’s it, look for an EaD platform that has encryption, to host and protect online courses against downloads and piracy.

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