9 ways to successfully live in your church, how to broadcast your church service? We speak using a webcam, multi webcams. We speak using a smartphone, multi smartphones. We speak using an IP Camera, multi IP cameras. We speak using a camcorder or DSLR, multi camcorders or DSLRs. Now we are in the ninth part, which is using a drone. It became fashionable, right? The guys are doing a lot of live with drone. And you can do live using the drone, there are several drones today. I remember I have a video here on the channel, old. When I didn’t even have a live option on the drone, I had to make a gambiarra, get images from the drone and put it on Vmix. Today, OBS has taken over the market.

You don’t know what OBS is, the most used free software in the world for live, the best it has today, free. Go to our YouTube channel, which has a free course, dozens of classes that the support staff did, oh wonder, the show step by step.

But coming back, so I had to take the drone thing and put it on Vmix, from Vmix to do the RTMP for platform, or from the platform to social networks was an endless gambiarra. Time passed and today, in the drone application itself, we can configure RTMP or connect directly to YouTube, Facebook to make this live broadcast. Look what a show! Wow, but live drone broadcast, we see it a lot in concert, I’ve seen a lot of worship, I’ve seen a lot of the wedding. Evangelical wedding, Catholic wedding, Presbyterian wedding, beach wedding, I’ve seen a lot! Guys, these are wonderful images, it looks fantastic.

A disadvantage is the audio, if you are going to use it in church, maybe it is worth using the drone as a complementary form and not a unique form of transmission. That depends a lot on the context in which you are going to do it.

Is there a way to get audio with the drone? No, because it makes too much noise for you to use the drone image and the audio from the church, for example. Then you’ll have to do that, as I’m talking about, take the application and put it in the OBS of the OBS, you take it, pull it from the soundboard’s cabin to the computer or notebook. If you are going to use OBS, the settings for that I talked about in previous videos. And then you can use the audio, but it’s a very pleasant way, there are beautiful images, it holds the attention of the faithful and holds the attention of those on the other side of the camera. It’s very, very cool!

Care must be taken when doing this. Wi-Fi network, since it’s all Wi-Fi, you need to have nice Wi-Fi, great Wi-Fi. And what is great Wi-Fi? First, the network up to your Wi-Fi has to be fiber optic, basic. Second, it has to be stable, do a lot of testing, see if the good speed is 40, 50, 60 mega upload. Third, use the Mash network, Mash /1000 technology.

A funny thing happened. I visited a friend during the day, our internet is slow, I don’t know what it is. Then I went to see he had 300 MB of internet contracted with his operator, but her router was only 100 MB, so he didn’t use it anymore. The cable, because the cable was /1000, but Wi-Fi is /100. So, the technician would go there, give the /1000, show that it was cable. The technician left, the Wi-Fi did not work. So it’s because it was the wrong equipment. Then buy Wi-Fi equipment, Mash Giga/1000 network, then 100/1000.

That’s a 1 GBPS of speed, which is a lot of traffic data, on the Wi-Fi from the drone to the app from the app to RTMP, or to the computer. Anyway, it’s a lot of data, and then, you can do a live broadcast using a drone. Or you can also do it with the multi drones. You can broadcast to 3, 4, 5 drones at the same time and put everything in the same live. But there it is a more complex business, it is more for experience than to be able to actually use

An important thing is that in the drone there are ways for you to broadcast live ready, like YouTube, go there, log in, broadcast. But we don’t recommend you broadcast live worship, especially your church’s live to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Because of the user experience, your live will be cut if it has audio and second and more importantly, the viewer’s experience. He’s over there watching a sermon. You are there watching something related to the church, family, a praise and there will simply appear several suggestions of content that have absolutely nothing to do with the church, sometimes the opposite, preaching the opposite of what you are talking about at that moment.

So this is part 9, it’s not our series, we’re ending here the ways to broadcast live. I hope this helps you to take the word of God as far as possible. Get to help more people.

We are here to help you and help these people to take the word of God. Whatever you need, you can count on us. This is content that I’m getting even hoarse. I’m shooting this series all in a row, it’s the same day, I’m hungry, but the idea is to be able to really help.

As much as there is, yes, we cannot be hypocritical. I want to sell my platform, of course I do. But my platform offers many advantages, in addition to being very cheap, it has great support, everyone here loves what they do, I love what I do. Since 2003 I have company, so I am passionate about video streaming.

And we have several, several, hundreds of clients there, from the church. People are often thrilled with what they can do. The life change that a live can provide. As long as it’s done well. So we’re here to help you do it right, okay? So, a big hug. I hope it helped you!

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