9 ways to broadcast your church’s live service, to live in churches, this is part 7.

In the first one, we talk about how to transmit with webcam, in the second, with multi webcams, in the third, with a camcorder or dslr, in the fourth with multi camcorders or multi dslrs, in the fifth with a smartphone and in the sixth with multi smartphones. It’s cool as hell. There is a way to transmit with multiple smartphones and now we are going to talk about another thing that we have already seen here, customers doing it, customers in the plural, you know, which is transmitting using an IP Camera.

What is an IP Camera? Search on Google, what is an IP Camera? It’s a static camera which, not necessarily static, has some that have a little control, that you can rotate it, call it Speed ​​Dome, check it out. But essentially this IP Camera has to have an rtsp output, an H.264 video codec, an AC audio codec.

Because then we can pull the transmission from this Camera and to our platform, encode it and deliver this transmission on all social networks or on the website, wherever you want. A very important thing to point out, in this case, your IP Camera must have this protocol, because otherwise you will need to use a transcoder and then the price of the transmission will be more expensive or it will even be incompatible with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram , what are you going to do?

Wow, you can transmit an IP camera to Instagram, you can transmit an IP camera to Instagram But mainly because of the audio, you’ll need to pull an audio cab. Your Camera will have to have an external audio input, so you can pull a small cable from the soundboard to the IP camera, because if it picks up ambient audio, it will be very bad. IP camera audio is not good, I don’t know an IP camera, there is a camera that costs R$ 5,000.00 and its audio is horrible. It’s not made for that, it’s made for something else, it’s an IP Camera. It’s just that there are IP cameras that have a P2 input, it’s an audio input, you go there and pull the cabinho and put audio in it. And then, the audio issue is resolved, the audio will be the audio that is on your soundboard.

So this is a way you have to transmit with an IP camera, it will stay there 24 hours. You can go live whenever you want with the camera or you can let it broadcast 24 hours a day. But I guess you don’t want to broadcast your empty church, do you? And from there you will take a player and put it on your site. Why on the Josimar website? I will stream for free, I will not spend money on platform or not. What am I going to spend money for if I have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Simple, you shouldn’t use social media to spread the word of God. There, for those who are at home, whether bedridden or unavailable to go to church or live in a different place from the church or are on a trip.

Because, first, copyright there at the time of praise. Simply the social network will overturn your transition as soon as you play any song that has a copyright linked to it, it could even be the background music, background instrumental, it drops, it could be that your musician recorded the song, let it be a song that has copyright, is running in the background, it will take down your live, because that song has copyright linked. So the user experience is over. Are you on live? He managed to be the 100, 200, 1000, 2000 simultaneos, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram take down his live. The user experience is over, people don’t come back, people don’t come back.

And second on your website, it’s a controlled environment. There you have the things that are compatible with the word of God, with what you believe, with family, with everything the church preaches. Not on YouTube, not on Facebook, there are dozens of suggestions that will draw the person’s attention and, many times, these suggestions go against what you are preaching there. Imagine preaching the word, doing the pulpit, reading some verse and there next to this thing talking about war, things saying that have nothing to do with the family, things that don’t believe in God and etc and such. And the embarrassment you will generate for your faithful who are watching this.

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So you need to have a controlled environment. Social networks should be used, but in an intelligent way.Like this? You go on social media, do a live calling people to your website, but the cult itself has to be broadcast on the website, a platform that will generate security, which will have support, that your live is recorded for you can see later.

And for that I invite you to know our JMV Stream platform, which is from our company JMV Technology. Contact our team, we have the longest opening hours in the world. From Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to midnight, Sundays and holidays, from 2 pm to 10 pm WhatsApp, chat, Telegram, the way you want to get in touch with us.

We will be available to answer your questions and help you to win more faithful to take your word to the faithful of the world. Fine? Then that’s it. Hope this video helped you!

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