9 ways to do live in churches part 2. Earlier I talked about how to do it with a webcam. Now I’m going to talk about a way you can do it with multi webcams.

Yes, it is possible for you to live from your church in a little better way. With a better experience for the end user, switching between multiple cameras, using webcam is much cheaper.

First, different from video 1, make sure the USBs are 3.0. Second, you cannot, under any circumstances, buy webcams from the same brand. If not, when doing live in churches, there will be a driver conflict and you will not be able to use them when switching between one webcam and another.

So, you get a nice webcam from Logitech, you get a top webcam from Microsoft, you can get a GO PRO, for example, and use it as a webcam, installed with the big picture of the church back there, of course, you’ll have to have the cable and it all. A webcam taking the pulpit there, another webcam taking the praise. you have to have a strategic position there to place these webcams.

Remembering again that these webcams, all of them, including the GoPro, have control software, which you can put lighting, zoom, focus, a series of things and lock, so that it doesn’t stay there alternating during the transmission, if you let it. on auto can darken and lighten your transmission all the time.

So I had previously talked about how to make a webcam, I talked about the computer, an NVME SSD, 8 GB of RAM or 16, Windows updated without viruses, everything right and a core i7 to make a transmission. Why core i7? Because if you’re going to be multistreaming, it’s going to be very processor intensive, so you’re going to need a core i7 or higher. why superior? Today there is a tenth generation core i5, which is superior to the old generation core i7, so consult someone you trust who supplies equipment, they will know how to pass it on to you.

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It is important, whether notebook or desktop, that it also has a GPU. What is GPU? It’s a video card, you know when your son or your nephew, someone you know, wants to buy a gaming computer, it’s the same thing. The same GPU that you use for gaming, you use for live streaming, so that you have quality in your transition, so that you use the maximum potential of the webcam, which is already a lower quality than a camcorder, a DSLR. So, for us to fully exploit the quality of this product, we need to have a dedicated video processor, which is the GPU, or the video card.

So multicameras need to be from different brands. It’s not enough to be a different model, it needs to be from different brands too. Whether Logitech’s top and bottom model, it will give driver conflict in the same way. A computer, I have already passed specification, internet, fiber optics to the router, from the router to the computer, whether notebook or desktop, which will make the transmission is connected via cable. No notebook on the battery, plug it in so you don’t have any surprises. I’m saying this because I’ve seen it happen.

And the platform is not? I’ve been hitting this key for a long time. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram should not be used to live in churches. First, at the time of praise, he will take down his live for copyright reasons. Second, you will be in an environment that is not conducive, along with the suggestions on Facebook, YouTube, there are several things that go against even what the church is preaching, the word of God that you are taking to the faithful, side of its transmission can contain a number of things that have nothing to do with it, sometimes even speaking the opposite of what the word of God is saying to the believer.

Then use a paid platform, which will have a controlled environment. You will have support from 8 am to midnight Monday through Saturday, which is our case. Sundays and holidays, to be able to help you with training and courses. Click and talk to one of our experts!

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So, this is part 2: 9 ways to live in churches with multi webcams until part 3.

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