9 ways to live in churches. The first and simplest is the transmission using a webcam connected to a notebook or a computer.

This will depend on your availability. You will need to pay close attention to the configuration of the webcam and the configuration of this equipment, computer or notebook. The webcam, we recommend the Logitech brand, has several, I’m not going to talk about a specific model here. So you’re going to take this webcam, you’re going to plug it into your notebook. How should the notebook configuration be? Why shouldn’t you use the laptop’s webcam? Because her quality is horrible. The quality is very bad and you won’t even be able to have software to control your webcam.

The ones I’m telling you about. You have software that you install on your computer and you can control the lighting and a series of items to make the image still. If not, the image will fluctuate the lighting, this will harm your live. In order to have a smooth and stable streaming, you need a notebook with a GPU, a dedicated video processor, an Nvidia card or an ATI card. Any video card that is an accelerator card for your notebook or desktop.

If you have a desktop, that’s the tower one. You also need to have a GPU, so that you have a better quality, that way you are already using the minimum structure for you to do live in churches, so that you can broadcast the worship live, taking a nice experience to the faithful who is in another city, is bedridden, or unable to attend. We were closed until recently because of the pandemic, so you need to have this structure for it to work well.

What if I don’t have a GPU in my notebook? The quality will be severely impaired. Another thing for your equipment, 4 GB of RAM, you can’t do it. At least 8 GB of RAM, the ideal is 16 GB of RAM. Second, if your notebook or desktop is using HD as well, you can’t do live in churches. You need at least one SSD. Recommended is 1M2 NVME, which is price to price with SSD. The processor must be at least a core i7.

But the core i7 is not for HD streaming? This Logitech is 1920 by 1080, it is full HD, the Microsoft I mentioned too. So you need to have something to install OBS Studio and do this broadcast. From there you need to have a provider.

Where are you going to upload? Where are you going to upload this broadcast? First you will use OBS. Don’t know how OBS works? Go to our YouTube channel, there’s a free, fantastic OBS course, just click and watch, step by step. Anyone can learn to use OBS from basic to advanced.

Installed OBS, you will need a platform, you can upload directly to YouTube, you can upload directly to Facebook, wherever you want. I do not recommend uploading to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. At the time of praise, the BG, the background music you are using, if it is copyrighted, it will cut your live stream. And then it’s going to cut your cult, and you don’t want that, it’s a bad user experience. There’s nothing worse than having a live broadcast, interrupted for copyright reasons.

Second, when you do live in churches, there is a series of indications that YouTube and Facebook make, of content that has nothing to do with your live. On the contrary, sometimes those suggestions that are on the side, are opposing what you are preaching in the service.

I recommend you use a private platform. Obviously I’m going to sell my fish, there are some platforms, but our platform today is the most stable on the market. It is integrated with all carriers. If you want, you can say that you saw a video of Josimar, that you would like to test the platform. Click to speak with one of our specialists, we have an immense service, the largest in the country, from 8 am to midnight, from Monday to Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 2 pm to 10 pm. everything you need.

You will be able to broadcast live to the platform, it performs the recording for you to see later. If someone can’t see it, you can make it available later. It has security, a controlled environment. You’ll put it on your website so you don’t have multiple suggestions that have nothing to do with what you preach. So this is the number 1 and simplest way to transmit.

Another detail that you cannot forget is to check your internet, please do not use Wi-Fi. You will take a cable, connect it to the router and pull this network cable to the notebook or desktop you are using. Make sure your internet is fiber optic and connect the network cable here, that little blue one from the computer to your router. That way your Transmission will be nice, with a lean and cheap structure.

So this is one of the ways to broadcast live in your church, big hug and until step 2.

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