Ask your questions about live cult broadcasting for churches. As well, the importance of developing them for your church over the Internet and social networks.

Campaign don’t miss out on young people

In this article on transmitting live worship to church, we talk about the importance of Streaming, and it is important to attract young people.
We treat in the course of these campaigns issues related to the importance of preparing the image of the church for the Internet, as well as to strengthen it to attract more and more faithful, with the help of social networks and the Internet. In addition, we explain about the live transmission and the relevance of a consultancy for the preparation of equipment and the solution of all doubts regarding its transmission of live cult to churches.


Because I am the one who knows the plans I have for you, ‘ says the Lord, ‘ plans to make them prosper and not to cause harm, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

In the first article: “Don’t Lose the young.”

Live cult broadcast for churches depressive girl

Firstly, we talk about the importance of rescuing and attracting the attention of young people. This generation has moved away from the churches and lived increasingly connected to the Internet and social networks. Similarly, the dangers they face in everyday life, such as drugs and violence. As well as the invisible power of young people on social networks. Also, how to attract them and how to talk, learning their language.

In the second article: “Take God’s word to more people.”

Live worship broadcast for sunset churches behind church

We raise the question of how your church is seen on the internet and how to strengthen her image in the virtual world. We talk about how to direct content to your audience, and how important it is to your ministry, congregation or church. How to reach the greatest number of believers, using the means of communication and strengthening the image of the church on the Internet, through the website itself and social networks.

In the third article: “Conquer your audience on the Internet.”

Live cult broadcast for churches faithful evangelization Obama meeting Pastor

We tell a little about the evolution of the Internet, as well as the importance of church engagement on social networks. We also demonstrate the relevance of fideling the faithful on the Internet. Soon after, on the tools of interaction for the Church and the benefits of having a website of its own and directly from it, reproduce the broadcast of live cult to churches.

In the fourth article: “Equipment for the live broadcast.”

Live worship broadcast for churches step by step streaming

We explain in detail and in a simplified way how the transmission of live worship to churchesis made. We also talk about Internet, uploading and connectivity, equipment needed to start your broadcast. In addition, we talk about the costs, technical difficulties and the importance of a good consultancy.

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“The path of the foolish seems fair to him, but the Sage hears the counsel.” Proverbs 12:15

If you still do not use the site of your church and social networks to reach your faithful, to convey your worship and engage the community, you are missing the opportunity to strengthen bonds and thus increase the number of souls who receive the word of Christ .

Caring for the dissemination of God’s Word also in the digital environment is fundamental to assigning value to the ministry. And talk mainly to young people who are immersed in the digital world and often lost in life.

When we do not have the total domain of a given area or subject, we do not have a problem but a further reason to accept help from those who understand the subject. A good consultancy, is directly linked to having a team highly trained and with mastery in the subject. With years of market, a wide hours of service to solve any doubts and problems. And of course, a quality service to help your ministry.


In addition, the consultancy will serve as a guide to indicate the best equipment and streaming plans to meet your needs.

VMV Technology is a company with more than 15 years in the market. Specialized and reference in streaming in Brazil and also in Latin America. With the confidence of more than 5000 customers scattered around the world. It takes quality and security in its broadcasts on the Internet since 2003, guaranteeing the satisfaction of millions of spectators. The largest and best support in Brazil, is available to serve them every day. From Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 00:00 hours, Sundays and holidays, from 14:00 to 22:00 hours.

Is there any doubt left? Then, contact us, filling in the following data, to better understand the needs of your ministry. Without compromise and without charge, our team will contact you to explain any doubts. As well as the remaining and the best way to go with your live cult broadcast to churches!

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