How to broadcast to all social networks at the same time:

Learn, step by step, how to broadcast your content simultaneously to all social networks, reaching an unlimited audience. From a single source of transmission, without the need for expensive and complicated equipment.

 Choose a plan


With Live Social you can broadcast your live content, or recorded, to all social networks at the same time. After choosing a plan compatible with your need, you will receive an email with all the data to access the platform.

 Choose your content


To broadcast your recorded content, upload the videos to the platform and schedule your broadcast. If you want to perform a live broadcast, configure the equipment and the system according to the data received, do not forget to perform a test in advance to ensure that everything is right.

 Log in to your social networks


On our platform, access the Live Social area. Log in to the social networks you want to broadcast, you can broadcast on Instagram, Facebook (profiles, pages and groups), Youtube, Twitter and Twitch TV. After logging in to social media, activate your broadcast and Live Social afterwards. Ready! You will already be broadcasting to all your social networks at the same time.








Live broadcasts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch TV, YouTube, custom RTMP and more than 30 platforms.



US$ 24.90Monthly

  • 0 Instagram
  • 3 Others Social Media
  • 1 RTMP
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US$ 49.90Monthly

  • 1 Instagram
  • 4 Others Social Media
  • 1 RTMP
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Complete Statistics for Your Multistreaming

Complete statistics on your multistreaming audience, with access data by device, operating system, browser, region, interactive map and graphics in real time.

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Transcoder (Adaptive Dynamic Streaming)

This is, without a doubt, the best way to deliver your multistreaming to the end user. You send the transmission in high quality and the system automatically recodes the simultaneous transmission to the lower qualities. The system automatically provides the best quality according to the viewer’s internet. He can also choose the quality on the player manually if he wishes.

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Security & Cryptography

We protect all the contents of your multistreaming by preventing recording and downloading. Our simultaneous transmission service has encryption and protection of the exhibition site, in addition to several other tools that guarantee the security of your content against multistream piracy.

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Web Service For Integration

Automation and integration of your sites with our multistream system through an API that we develop for our customers, allowing their developers to control functions such as play / pause, watched minutes and etc.


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