Even a decade ago, the majority of people all over the world still found watching films on the Internet to be a terrible experience.

The situation has significantly changed since then. One recent research found that in the past month, 85% of all Internet users in the US reported watching online video material on one or more of their devices, including smartphones and tablets.

In addition, there is an increasing need for video material. According to the same report, 54% of consumers claim they truly want to see more video content created by the brands and companies they support.

Naturally, all of this has a wide range of ramifications for how we conduct business and interact with one another. This is especially true when it comes to the video hosting services that are utilized to first upload the content on the Internet.

The definition of video hosting, its advantages for businesses, and the top video hosting options will all be covered in this article.

What is video hosting? Why is it important?

To put it simply, video hosting is a term that refers to a service that enables you to upload and share your videos online. You can accomplish this in one of two ways, depending on the solution you select: through the hosting service’s application or through an API (application programming interface) that integrates with some existing video production software.

Your video files will be kept on the servers used by the particular video hosting service. Each video you upload comes with a unique embed code (or, in some circumstances, a URL) that enables you to allow others to watch it on their own devices and according to their own preferences.

Even though building a video hosting server on-site is entirely feasible for small businesses (assuming they have access to the necessary tools and training, of course), there are still a few benefits to working with a professional video host that you won’t be able to duplicate on your own. These include, but are not restricted to, examples like: customer service. It is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to resolve any issues that may arise while setting up your own video hosting infrastructure. On the other hand, when you use a professional service, you always have access to a team of individuals who are prepared to address issues and provide information as needed.

  • Analytics. The majority of reputable video hosting providers offer additional features than just the ability to monitor a video’s number of views. Each video’s amount of engagement is visible. The number of times they have been shared is visible. You can learn a great deal about your viewers’ origins, how much time they spend on your site, and much more opportunities for branding. The majority of reputable video hosting services let you fully brand your content in a way that is uniquely yours, unlike “free” video hosts like YouTube. Every aspect of the experience appears to be coming from your company from the viewpoint of your viewers, which is effectively true.

But the secure storage and well-organized management of professional video hosting is one of the largest benefits for small enterprises in particular. Regarding the latter, we’ve all experienced how challenging it can be to locate things on a hard disk when we let our organizational abilities deteriorate. It can quickly become challenging to determine which video resides where unless everything is meticulously organized and a strict naming structure is followed, which makes ongoing editing a challenge.

While simplifying and organizing your content with a professional host is simple, you’ll have total control (not to mention visibility) over your whole video library going forward.

If some of your recordings aren’t strictly intended for public viewing, the idea of secure storage is very crucial. It makes sense that keeping information under (virtual) lock and key would be a top priority if you want to disclose private information, for instance, or are producing video content about concepts that are essentially secret. The vast majority of all professional video hosting platforms offer the strictest security measures, allowing you to communicate this kind of private confidence more effectively with the assurance that only those people will be viewing it with your full permission.

The Additional Advantages of Business Professional Video Hosting

Of course, there are a plethora of other advantages of expert video hosting services in particular for small enterprises. Videos can be simply integrated on websites and even inside the constraints of your company’s blog with only a few short lines of code when everything is managed by a competent host. The supplier has taken care of a lot of the “back-end” work for you, so you don’t have to worry about uploading and sharing items on your own.

You also have total control over the kinds of advertisements that appear next to your material when you choose a professional video host. You might not always get to pick which ad will appear before or after your material on a platform like YouTube. If some of those advertisements contradict the values that your business stands for, this might easily lead to a difficult issue. Because you’re utilizing a free provider, you’re essentially out of luck because they might be advertisements for companies or organizations that you fervently hope to avoid all association with.

As previously said, expert video hosting services also provide simple link sharing, all of which may be secured with passwords of your choice. Therefore, as long as the movies you upload are password-protected and specifically intended for a different team within your firm, you don’t need to be concerned about the public viewing them.

With the Live Social tool you’ll be able to broadcast live

Last but not least, using professional video hosting services makes it much simpler to create supplementary content, such as landing pages. It’s simple to add a few lines of code while creating your landing page so that your video loads swiftly and effortlessly for visitors. It’s simple to understand why this is such a good idea when you consider that, in many cases, adding even a single video to a landing page tends to increase conversion rates for that page by about 34%.

A Comparison of the Best Video Hosting Services

There are a few well-known names you’ll want to take into consideration in your search for the ideal video hosting service to suit your needs:

 Video Hosting JMV Stream: 

Online video hosting platform

The world’s fastest growing online video hosting platform to host, manage and share videos, with unlimited views, unlimited weekly uploads, premium support (no robots), WhatsApp, Telegram and Chat. There are more than 500 million views per month.

Host your videos online without worrying about space.

After contracting the online video hosting plan, you will receive an email with all the data to access the video hosting platform unlimited. Your environment will be ready and you will be able to send the content of your school, business or project. During the upload, the conversion and insertion of features in your player will be carried out.

Organize into folders and customize your online video hosting player.

To help control your content, organize your videos into folders and subfolders. Customize the player, use the colors of your brand, select the dimensions, choose a cover and activate features such as lead capture or ads.

Distribute your content with high quality.

After hosting videos, organize them into folders and customize the player. The next step is distribution. Our player is cross-platform compatible, you can make the content available on your website, social networks and also on mobile devices. With SD quality, HD, Full HD, 4K up to 360º.

No ads you don’t want.

Have full control of the insertion of banner or video ads. Set the time, choose the values and determine the segments that best fit your business.

Know your audience and grow your results.

Measure the time location and the devices that users access your content. Use this data to optimize your content, attract new advertisers and increase your ad income.

No copyright issues.

With our player your content will not suffer drops, demonetization or sanctions due to copyright. Thus, you can host your videos securely and transmit authorized content on your website, without worrying about unwanted interruptions. If you want to stream your content to social media, you should be aware of the copyright policies of each platform.

  • Wave.video. Businesses can select one of the subscription plans (beginning at $29 per month) in addition to the free tier to host and edit films up to 20 minutes in length. Additionally, you can effortlessly embed your videos, get limitless social media shares, create unique content like video landing pages, and completely personalize the video player.
  • Vimeo. Vimeo is conceptually similar to YouTube and offers a free (or “basic”) tier as well. By choosing a plan for $6 per month, you can increase your annual storage allowance to 250GB, or you can choose to subscribe to their premium package, which costs $70 per month for 7TB of storage.
  • Wistia. Wistia is a site made especially for businesses; as a result, it doesn’t host your videos for public viewing. It merely serves as a host for you to upload them to your website. For one Wistia channel (without embedding) and up to 250 channel subscribers, the “Professional” tier costs $99 per month.
  • Vidyard. Vidyard’s You can manually distribute an unlimited amount of movies with the $15 per month subscription, but you can only embed up to 20 of them. On the other end of the scale, their $850 monthly “Plus” subscription gives users access to extra capabilities like advanced analytics, automatic transcriptions, and connectivity with CRM software like HubSpot and Pardot.

video hosting online courses

Finally, keep in mind that a few fundamental principles must hold true regardless of the video hosting provider you choose. Regardless of what those goals may be, that solution must first and foremost be completely in line with them from the outset. Your provider must provide you with the tools you need to produce product feature videos, explainer videos, testimonials, and other sorts of content.

Second, you should unquestionably be able to track performance with your video hosting provider using tools similar to the analytics tools mentioned above. You won’t have the useful data you need to make wiser and more educated decisions until you have full visibility into how users are interacting with your material.


Finally, keep in mind that your video host must place just as much emphasis on the viewing experience as you do. Every break after a viewer clicks “play” gives them a chance to leave your video and never come back. Every advertisement raises the prospect that they might forget about your company. You might have just missed the chance to gain a new customer for every second that your video takes to load.

You can ensure that these kinds of problems are things you don’t have to worry about any longer by making an extra effort to find the best video host to suit your needs.


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