How to engage the public with your web TV? How to increase your web TV audience. Well, this is relatively simple, you just have to watch a radio station in your city, how it works. The logic is more or less the same, the modus operandi is more or less the same.

You need to hold the user’s attention, so there are several ways. Nowadays, there are multi-screens, the person is watching something, touching the phone, listening to someone talking and listening to music.

So, people are very dispersed, without focus due to the amount of information that is available all the time.

There has to be an extra interest there for this engagement to work. Obviously, quality content is the first premise to engage people, something that is interesting, something that is relevant.

But come on, with your web, will you be able to produce quality content to provide 24 hours a day? It will be the Globo network.

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So, given the right proportions, you’re sure you’ll have quality content, but you’ll also need strategies to engage.

A strategy widely used in radio stations is the raffle of tickets, for something. But I’m going to raffle tickets, I’m a church, I sell a course, raffle an interesting book.

Raffles in general, not necessarily raffling off a ticket, raffling off a day at the bar, raffling off a trip that is more expensive, in short, raffles in general.

This engages the public a lot, people have been using it more and more, it’s a way of holding people’s attention on radio stations.

But how am I going to use the draw on web TV? JMV Player has integrated the raffle mode, you register the raffle and the person registers and he performs the raffle alone, without the possibility of fraud.

Without someone who can go there try to put the winner, and still displays there in play for the person who was the winner and sends an email to the person. So look at you see how fantastic!

Polls are also a way of interacting, so much so that if you look at those polls on Instagram, there is a lot of engagement, people respond a lot.

Question interacts, because people want to participate. A cool way you can bring people into your business.

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So it’s going to start with one person, she replies, ask questions, because then the second comes, the third comes and suddenly, the business has taken on a proportion that you won’t even be able to answer everyone.But do it with affection, do it with love, that’s what you’re going to do, that engagement will work very well.

About the polls, the JMV player also has a poll module, where you can go there and register a poll, perform the vote and everyone appears.But how does JMV Player work? We will leave a description somewhere down, up or to the side. You pick it up and search there and click that will direct you to our player, which has several features.

Another way we have is the comment. comments engage, people want to participate, want to comment, whether live or VOD video, here comes a move that a lot of people ignore, it’s gold.Live commentary, commenting on your content is something that you have to treat with all the affection in the world, because there you have the opportunity to produce much more content

Go there and ask, do you have questions? Here come 50 questions, look at the value of this, it’s ready, what do you have to say? You don’t have to wear it out, you don’t have to search for an agenda. The user is giving you the content you have to make, so it’s a way to engage.

When you say the user’s name, look at the user João, Maria, Pedro, José, Júlia sent a question, such, this user goes, he’s answering me, that’s great, the person will engage even more, that it becomes a cycle, you engage, respond, make a poll, make a lottery and then people start engaging with your business.

Another way we have to be able to engage people with the broadcast is to go live on social networks. Go live from your social networks, call people, talk, look, we have a cool giveaway. The draw cannot be: click here, share the post and put your name.

For God’s sake, don’t do that. Call the guy to your site, there on the site you have the raffle module. There you will have access to the user’s data to be able to use it later. You can use the Leeds registration, which we talk about in marketing, which he says, is a user.

You know when someone asks, look at the register here so you can receive an exclusive e-book? A free video lesson? An artist-only video or whatever, that’s a signup and you’re signing up somewhere that wants to use your signup for marketing.

JMV Player also has lead registration. You can consult our registration module by speaking to one of our web TV support specialists.We also have the option of the Mini player or Picture and Picture, which is that little player that is floating there, on a computer screen or on your smartphone screen, while you are already watching a news story.

Look at the play of this, you can invite the person to click on a player link, news link, poll link, something link. The person clicks there, the link appears in the player, he opens a page, he can see that page while continuing to watch the live or VOD video.

Anyway, it’s Picture-in-Picture, there in the corner, it allows the person on the same screen, to use 2 screens. The power of engagement that it brings, the fantastic user experience that it brings.

Another way to engage, basic, is for you to be multiplatform. For example, if you have a web TV with us, in addition to app compatibility and all, you also have JMV Player.

If you use Samsung TV for now, we only have Samsung because of Samsung’s market share, which is the biggest in the country.Go there, download JMV Player our web TV clients are registered. 

So if the user is going to have a website, an app, and his TV inside a Smart TV and his Netflix, look at that fantastic engagement. You send email to engage your users. Look, we’re live here. Download JMV play, or if you want, we can also develop an app with your name.

Of course, this comes at a cost, but we can still create your Netflix. If you don’t have that financial capacity, no problem. Use JMV play. The person downloads it and will be able to have the experience of watching its content on a Smart TV for free. Look at the engagement power of Smart TV. If it weren’t for Smart TV, there would be no Netflix.

I brought here some forms of engagement, to be able to popularize your mind, and that you, in possession of this knowledge, know how to engage and publicize your web TV, so that you have a large audience.

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